23° South – around the world in six months

Abendliches Farbenspiel. (Play of colours in Namibia.)

Three continents, six months and thousands of kilometers – I started this trip on the 20th October of 2014 with an aim to visit; Namibia, South Africa, Australia, Chile and Argentina. The project is called “The Southern Circle”, as the northern border of my route is the Southern Tropic.

My project is characterized by two guidelines; to discover places away from the main ‘tourist’ trail. Therefore, hiking, climbing, kayaking and biking are some of the key activities I undertake. Through this, I can achieve my second objective; to be in contact with local people, learning and documenting how they live, and what their day to day challenges are.

The key stages of my trip were:

I. Dusty start – adventures in Namibia. (October/November 2014)

II. Against the gravity – hikes in South Africa & Lesotho (November/December 2014)

III. Wide, wild, west – hikes along the Australian Coast(s). (December 2014 /January 2015)

IV. Untouched and isolated – exploring the Tasmanian wilderness in a sea-kayak. (January 2015)

V. Fire & ice, water & desert – Chile, country of contrasts. (February 2015)

VI. Two wheels, one mission – crossing South America by bike, from Pacific to Atlantic Ocean. (March/April 2015) 

This project was supported by a selected number of sponsors. Furthermore, National Geographic Germany was my media partner and I regularly worked with them to publish articles on their german Website. Unfortunately, all my blog posts are written in German, however I also published many photos. Get an impression:

Here you find more photos:

(On some pages, you have to scroll down, to see the galleries.)

If you are interested in contacting me or have any questions about the project please use the contact-me-form.

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