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My name is Torsten Weigel and I work as a freelance journalist, photographer and speaker. Born in 1988, I grew up in Berlin and still have my homebase in this lovely city. I started writing for local newspapers and taking photographs at the age of 14. With sport and travel being two leading lines of my life, I completed a degree in geography at Humboldt-University in Berlin, before I decided finally to invest all my time and energy in exploring our planet. On this homepage you find impressions and many information about my worldwide travel-projects. II Contact me II

Weekly, I publish a “photo of the week”. See the galleries of 2016 and 2017 or jump directly to the current collage of 2018.

Project 7000 (started in 2017)
Two years. Three continents. Four mountain ranges. Thirty summits. Project 7000 is a true adventure, a challenge for man and material. Together we will explore far-flung regions, summit great heights, and be immersed in new cultures. What is our potential? What are the possibilities of our planet, so beautiful, vast, and fragile? These are the questions we will face. We will redefine our limits, and through dialogue with those we meet expand our cultural horizons. Nowhere is better suited than the mountains. Mountains give honest feedback and mercilessly reveal one’s strengths and weaknesses…

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*GPS-tracking will be active on our next trip!

23° South – around the world in six months (2014-2015)

Three continents, six months and thousands of kilometers – I started this trip on the 20th October with an aim to visit; Namibia, South Africa, Australia, Chile and Argentina. The project is called “The Southern Circle”, as the northern border of my route is the Southern Tropic.

My project is characterized by two guidelines; to discover places away from the main ‘tourist’ trail. Therefore, hiking, climbing, kayaking and biking are some of the key activities I undertake. Through this, I can achieve my second objective; to be in contact with local people, learning and documenting how they live, and what their day to day challenges are.

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I published two books about this travel.

Costa Rica (2015)

I took my camera, bought a ticket and travelled for a month to Costa Rica. This colourful country in Central America gave me the chance, to shoot some breathtaking moments in nature.

Soon I will provide more photos.



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