Beauty of Namibia

Jun 20, 2017

My name is Torsten Weigel and I work as a freelance journalist, photographer and speaker. Born in 1988, I grew up in Berlin and still have my home base in this city. I started writing for local newspapers and taking photographs at the age of 14. With sport and travel being two leading lines of my life, I completed a degree in geography at Humboldt-University in Berlin, before I decided finally to invest all my time and energy in exploring our planet. ‘To build a way you have to walk it’, became the motto of my live, due to the fact, that I love to travel beside the main tourist trails.

My latest project was a circumnavigation of our planet. After two years of preparation, I traveled for six months; explored Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho, Australia, Chile and Argentina. I climbed rough mountains, discovered remote regions by feet, kayak and bicycle. By contacting the locals I learned a lot about culture and daily life, by being ready to leave comfort zone I preserved the chance to admire beautiful scenery in nature.

To capture moments by all senses motivates me to be curious and creative. For me, photography is the way to conserve memories and to show the magic of our fragile world. I see it as a privilege to be out in nature, to breath the fresh air and to undergo unforgettable experiences. For making the best out of this moments, I work hard on my skills. To be attentive and considerate is my goal, to disturb wildlife or to unmask people by shooting photos are no goes for me. In fact photography means to be patient and humble for me.

Among the 38 countries I visited so far, Namibia plays a special role. This rarely populated republic with its eventful history is under the influence of a cold stream, coming from Antarctica. The cold water favors the formation of deserts – the ‘Namib’ is supposed to be the oldest desert of our planet and full of spectacular spots for taking photos. The colors, shapes and facets of this giant sandbox are sheer inexhaustible in motives, both, from the air and the ground. But Namibia is way more than just sand. Keep an eye out for the massive granite mountains, the canyons and the wildlife. Especially in the north of the country the nature sloughs its dry appearance, Etosha pan is a place to be for animals like elephants, lions and zebras.

I invite you to visit my homepage to learn more about my projects and me. Please contact me, if there are any questions and if you have the chance to visit Namibia once… take it! …

PS: Due to the fact, that the northern border of my world-around-trip was marked by Tropic of Capricorn, I have to come back to Namibia, too. The North promises exciting scenary and wildlife…


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