Two years. Three continents. Four mountain ranges. Thirty summits. Project 7000 is a true adventure, a challenge for man and material. Together we will explore far-flung regions, summit great heights, and be immersed in new cultures. What is our potential? What are the possibilities of our planet, so beautiful, vast, and fragile? These are the questions we will face. We will redefine our limits, and through dialogue with those we meet expand our cultural horizons. Nowhere is better suited than the mountains. Mountains give honest feedback and mercilessly reveal one’s strengths and weaknesses. Their habitat is demanding, and their inhabitants have learned through the challenges of the forces of nature. What can they teach us?

In a time of “alternative facts” and great prejudice, we will leave the trodden tourist paths to see the world anew with our own eyes. We will undertake this exceptional expedition as explorers, adventurers, and critical journalists; we will bring curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

The team of Project7000: Marten, Torsten, Max, Sylvie, Florian, Benjamin, Elias, Anne, Karsten, Viktoriya, Frank, Tim, Toni (from left side). Martin is missing on this photo.

No one in our team is a professional mountaineer. Our fourteen members are psychologists, consultants, photographers, students, and scientists. We will all contribute our own experience and we all share essential values. This project is about becoming a team, learning from each other, and striving towards a shared goal. The motto “paths are made by walking” rings true; we will walk new paths and overcome old prejudices. We will show what is possible when you believe in your dreams and those of others. Together, we will pursue this great adventure. II contact us II back to start page II

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